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RyuTe - A Brief Introduction

    RyuTe is an ancient Okinawan form of karate. It was founded by Taika Seiyu Oyata from fighting techniques, kata, pressure-point and joint-locking techniques taught to him by two of the last surviving Bushi (samurai) warriors. Taika has passed this knowledge on to his students here in the United States.

  RyuTe is basically a self-defense martial art, unlike many styles of sport karate that teach techniques designed to score points in a tournament but are not practical in a street situation.  

  Initially, to give credit to Okinawa, Oyata called his organization, Ryukyu Kempo. (This is a generic term often used to describe all forms of karate from Okinawa.) From 1969 until the early 90's Oyata used Ryukyu Kempo as the name of his organization. In the middle 90's Oyata renamed his organization, RyuTe®. This is an acronym of sorts, referring to Ryukyu Hand; however, the true meaning of the kanji is "flowing hand." These kanji were chosen to describe the way in which karate techniques should be performed.  

  Oyata refers to RyuTe® as a public art that he and his instructors teach openly. He also teaches the family art he inherited to a small group of long time students (which includes Kyoshi Collingwood) and refers to it as Oyata Shin Shu Ho®.

Senior Instructor
Kyoshi Robert Collingwood has practiced RyuTe since 1972, beginning his training under Tasshi James Logue, Taika Oyata's senior student. After moving to Missouri in 1987, Kyoshi Collingwood became a direct student of Taika Oyata, attaining the rank of Nanadan (7th degree Black Belt). In 1994, he began teaching classes at the Kirkwood YMCA in St. Louis. 

Sensei Ralph Godsy has been a student of Kyoshi Collingwood for over 25 years, earning the rank of Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt). Sensei Godsy teaches Beginning and Advanced Children's classes on Saturday mornings and assists with Kyoshi Collingwood's classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.